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Palm Lakes Resident of the Month: The Natal Robin

At Palm Lakes, we recognise the need for humans to live in a way that allows nature to thrive. Our multigenerational estate has been carefully landscaped to encourage local fauna and flora to flourish, and our human residents live in harmony with the birds and wildlife that call Palm Lakes home. One of our most striking natural residents is the Natal Robin, also known as the Red-Capped Robin-Chat. This shy bird is often heard but not seen, so when we are able to catch a glimpse of one in all their glory it is a real treat. The Natal Robin has [...]


Find or Build your Perfect Home at Palm Lakes

Elegantly designed with a variety of modern finishes. Featuring sleek & contemporary architecture & design. 4 + bedroom luxury homes and light & spacious with all the latest modern touches.

A World of Activities & Facilities for the Whole Family

Combining the safety and friendliness of multigenerational community living, with all the modern facilities and amenities you need for convenient day-to-day life, Palm lakes is the perfect home for the whole family.


Safe, Secure Living at Palm Lakes

Living in a multigenerational estate with complete safety & security gives you the peace of mind to live free.

Flora & Fauna

Set against a backdrop of rolling green hills on KZN’s stunning North Coast, Palm Lakes Family Estate has been carefully planned to merge with its surroundings, providing a space for local fauna and flora to flourish. We recognised the need to protect the local ecology while constructing our estate, accommodating and encouraging indigenous fauna and flora for a stunning natural environment for everyone to enjoy – from our human residents, to the wide range of bird, plant and animal life that calls Palm Lakes home. Our estate has been landscaped with environmental preservation in mind. This has resulted in a rich [...]


Invest in Idyllic family living on the stunning north coast

Set amongst the rolling green hills of KZN’s highly sought-after North Coast, Palm Lakes offers picturesque family-orientated living in a safe, secure and well-appointed multigenerational estate. The past 2 years have seen the North Coast become a hotspot of development and growth, with investors flocking to purchase beautiful homes that are sure to increase in value in the future. And with the emergence of a thriving coastal life, Palm Lakes is in the epicentre of one of SA’s fastest growing economies, providing a serene setting for our families to enjoy life with all the modern conveniences they need at the [...]

Palm Lakes Retirement Village, The Perfect Setting for your Golden Years

In a multigenerational estate, everyone needs to feel safe and secure, allowing complete peace of mind and giving kids the chance to roam the estate freely.

Safe, secure living on the idyllic North Coast

In a multigenerational estate, everyone needs to feel safe and secure, allowing complete peace of mind and giving kids the chance to roam the estate freely.

Exciting new developments at Palm Lakes Family Estate

Just a few short years after our first houses hit the market, Palm Lakes has become a thriving multi generational estate, with all our homes occupied by new families.

Explore everything Palm Lakes has to offer in this 8-part video series!

In this series of 8 short videos, we will join Ethan Naidoo as he explores the estate’s history, homes, facilities, and the people that bring it all together.