Set in leafy, quiet gardens and surrounded in the safety of the Palm Lakes Family Estate residences, the Palm Lakes Retirement Village will consist of over 500 homes in this unique retirement community.

Palm Lakes Retirement Village provides the ideal setting to lay down retirement roots. With competitive prices being offered, Palm Lakes Retirement Village can tailor-make a retirement home package to suit each resident’s individual needs and personal taste; ranging from spacious full title homes, to sectional title and modern apartment living.

To complete the perfect retirement package, Aldem Health Care has been contracted to keep the retired residents’ very best interests at heart; ensuring that they are well cared for at all times.

An onsite clinic will provide basic health care services to all residents and a registered nurse will conduct home visits to residents who are unable to visit the clinic. An affordable fixed monthly medical levy includes all primary and emergency health care as well as emergency ambulance services (consumables are  excluded). Quality optional home care and frail care services are available for any Palm Lakes Retirement Village residents that require them.

Aldem Health Care promotes a holistic, healthy and active lifestyle for their clients and will provide proactive health education to all residents of the Palm Lakes Retirement Village to allow them to maintain their dignity, privacy and personal independence for as long as possible.

Palm Lakes Retirement living offers so much more than just a home, from serene and scenic surroundings to incredible facilities and amenities, ensuring that every moment spent with friends, family or even just yourself, is nothing less than perfect.

For Retirement Estate specific enquiries please contact Pete at 082 395 3999, or Helene at or 082 395 3999.