Spotted a snake in your house? Do not panic.

These guidelines from the African Snakebite Institute advise that if you spot a snake in your garden or home, you should follow these steps:

1. Get someone to watch it from a safe distance (5 meters or more).

2. Contact a competent snake remover. This will be either security or Neville on (082) 561 4969.

3. Keep children and pets away from the snake.

4. Keep an eye on the snake the whole time while waiting for security or the snake remover to arrive.

5. “If the snake is in the house and you are comfortable with the idea and it is possible to do so without putting yourself in danger, you can throw a towel over the snake and await the arrival of a snake remover – the snake normally stays curled up under the towel until uncovered. Otherwise, if it is a small snake and if possible (without putting yourself in danger) place a bucket over it with a heavy object on top of the bucket and call a snake remover.”

Be proactive – download the free African Snake Bite Institution App here.

Download your PDF list of snakes here.