Why Palm Lakes Family Estate?

Why Palm Lakes Family Estate?

Palm Lakes offers idyllic family orientated living, set against a breathtaking backdrop of lush, rolling green hills on KZN’s North Coast. It’s a complete lifestyle, where residential, corporate and family focused activities are rolled into one, enabling residents to live, work and play out their lives with every modern convenience right at their fingertips.


Amenities | Flora & Fauna | Architecture | TrinityHouse | Prestige Baby Academy

Palm Lakes Family Estate has been carefully planned to ensure that facilities and amenities are centred around family and community life, offering a comprehensive lifestyle where no resident could want for anything.

The upmarket Dragonfly Clubhouse, including a fantastic restaurant and indoor and outdoor lounge areas, provides for relaxation with friends and neighbours; while the Mini Palm Clubhouse is the perfect spot for family fun time at Palm Lakes. In addition, the estate also sports a golf driving range.

The stunning location of Palm Lakes is perfectly suited to outdoor lifestyle activities, such as fishing, boating, bird watching or simply enjoying family picnics surrounded by the fresh air and beauty of nature. Cycling as well as walking trails, allow residents to explore the natural landscape to their heart’s content.

Amenities | Flora & Fauna | Architecture | TrinityHouse | Prestige Baby Academy

A hallmark feature of Palm Lakes Family Estate is the environment: a landscape of rolling green hills, tropical vegetation, and tranquil lakes, rich in indigenous bird and plant life.

The estate has been landscaped with environmental preservation in mind, and as a result, flora such as iFafa Lilies, Aloe Vera, Bromeliads and Variegated Hibiscus flourish. Animal lovers will appreciate the diverse species that have made Palm Lakes Family Estate their home, including:

Natal Robins, Bee Eaters, Red Fronted Tinker Barbets, Fish Eagles, Blue Duiker, Bush Buck, Impala and Vervet Monkeys.

Amenities | Flora & Fauna | Architecture | TrinityHouse | Prestige Baby Academy

Taking its cue from nature, the prevailing architectural style at Palm Lakes Family Estate encourages the seamless flow of energy from natural outdoor spaces to modern interiors.

Living areas are divided into individually roofed components arranged around landscaped courtyards that function as outdoor living rooms. Architecture is contemporary beach style, with clean lines and incorporating natural earth tones and finishes such as stone and wood.

Only approved registered architects have been authorised to develop structures at Palm Lakes. All buildings must comply with the architectural guidelines stipulated by the Home Owners Association.

School is in!

The core philosophy governing life at Palm Lakes, has always been the desire to provide the ultimate, convenient, family focused lifestyle. Now, in line with this philosophy, Trinityhouse Palm Lakes has officially opened its doors to complement this perfect lifestyle. Building on the strong foundation of Trinityhouse schools across the country, Trinityhouse Palm Lakes offers a high academic standard, balanced with state of the art sporting facilities. Trinityhouse Palm Lakes provides education that reflects traditional values and holds true to a structured, caring Christian ethos.

Any parents of prospective students who wish to receive any further information please contact Trinityhouse on 032 947 2030


Amenities | Flora & Fauna | Architecture | TrinityHouse | Prestige Baby Academy

The Prestige Baby Academy at Trinityhouse School in the Palm Lakes Family Estate. Boasting excellent facilities, equipment, care and services, it fits perfectly into the estate’s family oriented lifestyle.

The Academy caters for babies aged 3 months – 3 years. Every Prestige branch is monitored by the Prestige Head Office to ensure the highest quality of service is maintained. The Academy’s school philosophy is to instil a strong desire for education in children and to help them develop in their personal environments.

The Academy follows a holistic approach that supports sustainability and there is also a focus on ensuring children are emotionally, socially, academically, physically and spiritually strong enough to grow from a happy childhood into a well rounded adulthood.

There are healthy menus that are nutritionally balanced and tailored for the optimal health of growing children and all meals are home cooked and fresh everyday.

The Academy also has a baby gym, offers baby massages, muscle and balance development, gross motor skills and language development among a host of other valuable developmental programs. There is a qualified nurse assigned to the Baby Academy classes and all staff are extensively trained in First Aid.

For more information on this innovative Academy, visit our website or contact us at Palm Lakes Family Estate so we can arrange a meeting for you.